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All you need is love

Posted January 14, 2015 in Community Featured, Downtown

The beginning of the new year often brings about the desire to try to do something new. Many of  us call these desires – “New Year’s Resolutions”. Immediately after Christmas – every morning show, talk show, and news channel begin sharing their ideas of how you can be the best you ever! Isn’t it exhausting?

Children learn about Christ’s love at Capitol Hill Lutheran Church

Children learn about Christ’s love
at Capitol Hill Lutheran Church

Although I welcome the challenge of becoming the best me ever – I realize the reasons for why I need to be are often a bit outrageous. I often follow what others are picking for their resolutions simply because I believe those must be good choices. Or I choose things hoping they will bring me the joy I did not feel the year before.

The top three resolutions people make each year are: 1. Lose weight 2. Get organized 3. Spend less, save more. Even if I didn’t choose these for my resolutions I would be bombarded by advertisements telling me this is what I needed to do. But deep down inside I don’t think this is what I need at all. I don’t think these are the three things that will change my life forever! 

Often we equate happiness with big life changes. We decide if we lose weight we will finally fill that void we feel deep inside. If we become highly organized we can finally do all of the other things we have been wanting to do. If we could just save enough money maybe we could take that one trip that will really make us happy. If we do these things we will certainly know “we’ve made it.” But what does it mean to “make it?” 

I think we need to change the way we look at New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t count on them to bring you joy and to fill your void. Remember that in life the one thing we need to fulfill us is love. Love that was first given to us by God in the form of Christ. This is the one thing we can share with the world to make a change. It may not always be accepted but we can make sure it is always there. My resolution this year will be to share a bit more love with this world. It may not bring me all the happiness or joy I want – but it will be sharing some with others. 

In Christ, Pastor Minna!
Information provided Pastor Minna Quint, Capitol Hill Lutheran Church, 511 Des Moines St, Des Moines, 515-244-8913


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