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Library Musings

Posted January 13, 2015 in Community Blogs, Bondurant


This week I want to get down and dirty and debunk some of the entertaining and more serious library “myths, legends, and general misconceptions” that I hear about or get asked here and there.  Let’s get started, shall we?

“It must be nice to work for a library and get to read all the time.”

I wouldn’t know!  I think most of us librarians love to read, but we don’t have time to lallygag whilst we work.  (FYI…I revert to an English accent when I get flustered…)

All Librarians are older women that wear wire-rimmed glasses, cardigans, and buns in their hair.

I’m mature (think personality.)  I wore wire-rimmed glasses for a period of time in the 70’s, and who doesn’t love a stylish cardigan?!  I don’t do buns.  There are lots of male librarians!

Libraries are quiet places.

Have you been to BCL?  We have our moments of “quietness” but between the story times, singing, Wii gaming, kids testing their “fart” apps on their phones and just the whole concept of “after school”…well you get the picture.  However, we have study rooms that are popular for studying, and library “quiet zones.”   

“Are you going to shooosh me?”

Maybe.  Depends on my mood.  Seriously, if you’re yelling across the library or cackling in the back corner so that I can’t hear myself on the phone with a patron, I probably will.  But you wouldn’t do that in the first place, now would you?  <<smiling sweetly>>

“I thought libraries were boring.”

Well now I know you haven’t been to BCL!  Stop in sometime.  We have books, audio books, graphic novels, movies, gaming, ghost hunting programs, entertaining speakers, and Legos…just to name a few things.  We are here for you!  I dare you to not find something that tickles your fancy.  And everyone has some kind of fancy.  

“Don’t librarians just stamp books?”

Sigh.  Next!

You have to pay to join or borrow from the library…

Uh, no.  If you have a photo I.D. with your current address, or a piece of mail addressed to you with your current address, we will make a beautiful library card for you all laminated and everything.  It’s pretty cool.  You can check out materials from the library for free.  We don’t even charge for movies!  That’s a little cheaper than Red Box, isn’t it?

Libraries are about books–and that’s it.

I cannot tell a lie…we do have books.  Lots of them.  See above response to “I thought libraries were boring.”

Libraries are for nerds. 

Listen.  Everybody’s a nerd about something whether it’s Batman, flying kites, Minecraft, Twilight (don’t judge me), woodworking, artsy fartsy crafting, computer programming, gardening or shoe-making.  (yes people make shoes – talk to Manolo Blahnik)  My point is that a library is the center of your community accessible to all no matter what your interests.  We are the gateway to nerdiness!   

You will be yelled at if you don’t whisper.

I only yell at football games.  

It takes a long time for libraries to get newly released books, movies and CDs processed and on their shelves.

Noooooooo!  Excuse my emotional outburst, but we have some authors on an automatic order list which means we get them in our hot little hands even before the release date.  Also, we can’t purchase everything but we do our best to have the latest and the greatest in our collection and on the shelves.  We are also the fastest “processors” on the planet. 

Libraries are safe places.

Libraries are wonderful places, but a library is a public building.  We don’t monitor children dropped off at the library, and we don’t know everyone that walks in.  Also, you need to be 9 years of age before you can be in the library without a parent or responsible caregiver. 

Do you know Marian the librarian from the movie, “The Music Man?”

I think we’re done here. 

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