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The Short List of Life Care’s Wonderful Side Effects

Posted January 07, 2015 in Advice Column, Clive


You’re healthy now, and would rather think of staying that way. But seriously, can we at least talk about it? Because if we can talk about long-term care while you’re an active, eager senior, you’ll hear about Life Care. And that can change everything about how you plan ahead.


Think whole-life.

As much as we want to believe we’ll be making decisions till we’re very, very old, that’s not usually the way it works. But Life Care’s decisions carry all the way through to the end of our days, affecting where we live, who cares for us and how it’s paid for. This reliability and predictability can do a number on uncertainty and fear, replacing them with optimism and assurance, and making for a far more pleasant way to live.DeerfieldLifestylePhoto


Remain calm.

Outside a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) with Life Care, you’re doing fine, living independently, going about your business – and then one day …. At that point, you or your family face a flurry of challenges. Like where you’ll get care, for how long, at what rate – and just how often do you suppose family and friends will be able to drive over there to visit? In a Life Care CCRC, this is suddenly simple. If that one day comes, the care’s provided down the hall or around a corner from where you’re already living. (Close to your friends, too.) And the cost? Well, there’s the genius part, because with Life Care, the cost stays close to the same as you’ve been paying for independent living – and almost always lower than comparable plans in the same neighborhood for the same services.


Forget one primal fear.

How often do you see “compassion” in the same sentence (or on the same page) with a health care program? Life Care’s “Compassion Clause” ensures that, should your finances be depleted through no fault of your own, (a) you’ll have a home for the rest of your life and yet (b) you won’t be a financial burden on your family. This also means that (c) your security won’t require new income or be interrupted, so you need not fear dying alone… not with friends and loved ones this close.


Life Care is the sensible plan that makes sense, and as you look around for the right CCRC, you’re wise to consider whether Life Care should be a priority for you. The assurances it provides pay immeasurable dividends as you pursue your happy, active and independent lifestyle

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