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Recycling in 2015

Posted January 07, 2015 in Advice Column, Greene County


It’s been one year! You requested and we listened. Yes, it’s been one year since recycling was made easier for you by going to “Dual Stream” recycling. Congratulations!

In visiting with both Jefferson and Paton City Halls recently, it was mentioned that more customers are coming in to get a second green bin to use-one for paper (magazines, newspaper, computer paper, school papers, greeting cards, and all cardboard), and the second bin for tin cans, plastic, clear, and colored glass. Congratulations!

Our recycling collector, Craig Kinsey, has noticed increased curbside and dropbox collections in most of the Greene County towns too. Keep it up!

We are convinced that Dual Stream is more customer friendly. Congratulations! Dual Stream is definitely a more efficient way to recycle for the hauler, too. Congratulations!

Each and every city call in the county has the 2015 refrigerator magnets that highlight the recycling weeks in the community. Stop by your local city hall to pick one up. In the communities that aren’t open regular 8 a.m.-5 p.m. hours, the recycling magnet calendars have been placed at your local bank. Pick one up!

Again, if you find the need to have two green recycling bins, contact your local city hall.


Keep Greene County Green in 2015 by recycling. This will extend the life of our two landfills-Boone County Landfill and Metro Park West Landfill.


Thanks and congratulations!

Dick Pound

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