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Meet Becky Greiner

Posted January 07, 2015 in Community Featured, Greene County


On the Friday before Christmas, the halls of Greene County High School were filled with boisterous holiday music.

The music, which was met with strong applause, was courtesy of the Greene County High School band lead by Becky Greiner.

Becky Greiner is the band instructor at Greene House High School. Photo by Juli Probasco-Sowers.

Becky Greiner is the band instructor at Greene House High School.
Photo by Juli Probasco-Sowers.

“We’ve been doing this for a couple of years,” she says of the hallway holiday concert.

Students also go to nursing homes, play for Historical Society events and the Methodist Church Women every December. They have even played for a person’s 101st birthday, Greiner said. “We have a lot of community groups who call us, wanting us to play for events,” she says.

Becky Greiner says she wanted to be a band director from the time she was in sixth grade, and that is exactly what she has done. She is in her 26th year as the band director at the high school.

Her journey began when she started playing the clarinet in fifth grade. Now, she knows how to play all the instruments needed in a band with varying degrees of proficiency.

“Being a band director doesn’t seem like a job. Every day is fun,” she says. “This is just who I am, and I stay excited about it.”

Greiner attended Iowa State University, graduating with a degree in music. She then went back and received her master’s in educational administration.

“I’ve never used my master’s, but we were all being encouraged to get a master’s degree,” she says. She also does not plan on being an administrator, because she loves being a band director.

Greiner said she keeps in mind that each student in her class is at a different level when they come into band. “Success is different for every student. I may encourage some kids to work toward becoming a member of honors band, while some kids will work to play five notes by the end of the year,” she says.

Band students also work toward going to competitions, such as Carroll Band Day, where they participate in a parade. There is also jazz band competition, All-State band, and solo and ensemble competition.

“I work with good students and good staff here,” Greiner said. She also noted that the band has received some nice donations over the years, and been well supported by the community.

The one thing she wants people to know is that while she is the band director, she does not think she should have the spotlight.

“This is always about the kids,” she says.

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