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Just take two

Posted January 07, 2015 in Advice Column, Clive

“Well it worked so well that I just took two.”  This was the answer that my mom got when she asked my grandmother why her four week prescription was gone after just two weeks.  

When my grandmother was living on her own and managing her own medications there were several problems we noticed other than the fact that she was taking twice the dose.  She was seeing 3 different doctors, for 3 different reasons, and they were prescribing 3 different medications that did not work well together.  This along with the fact that she only had toast and coffee for breakfast, half a sandwich for lunch, and maybe a microwave meal for dinner lead to dizzy spells and increased confusion.  That is why my family decided to make the move to a senior living community where not only could she have the proper medication management she needed, but we could be assured she would have a proper diet as well. 

Medications are essential for the health of our seniors.  When medication is taken properly it can have many benefits, but when it is not it can be very hazardous to the health of our loved ones.  This is why one of the most common concerns when families come to talk to me about senior living is their loved ones medication management.  At home it is not uncommon for our seniors to struggle with making sure they take the correct pill, at the correct time, at the correct dosage, and the correct amount of times a day.

There are many advantages to Assisted Living but one of the biggest ones is the ability to manage your loved ones medications.  At Woodlands Creek we have a full time Registered Nurse that oversees what medication your loved is taking.  Kevin ensures that the medications do not have adverse reactions to one another and your loved ones medications are up to date and the prescriptions are refilled each month.  Another advantage we have is that we hire licensed medication managers to ensure that those medications are being taken at the correct time, with the correct dosage, and that they are being taken the correct amount of times each day.  


Information provided by Krista Long and Ingrid Bonilla, Woodlands Creek Active Retirement Community, 12605 Woodlands Parkway, Clive, 515-223-9755

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