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Ask the Anytime Guy | Fitness Matters

Posted January 07, 2015 in Advice Column, Norwalk


Question: Is it safe to work out after giving blood?

Answer: The American Red Cross suggests that blood donors do not exert themselves too much for the rest of the day after giving blood. A typical blood donation is a pint. The absence of red blood cells, iron, plasma, and water is enough to decreases oxygen delivery to your muscles by about 10 percent – causing dehydration, dizziness, and fatigue. The American Red Cross suggests drinking plenty of fluids before your donation and an additional 32 fluid ounces after your donation to make up for lost blood plasma. If you do choose to exercise, participate in low to moderate aerobic activity, avoid lifting weights, and cease exercise if you begin to feel dizzy or light-headed.

Question: I enjoy walking outdoors and walk 4-5 days per week. I feel this is a good workout for me, but do I need to be doing more?

Answer: A good fitness program should include a balance of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. But if walking is what you are enjoying right now, then keep at it! Understand that, at some point, you’ll want to incorporate the other components to improve your overall fitness. If you are a beginner, walking just 30 minutes a day can help keep your bones strong, exercise major muscle groups and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. If you have been walking for some time now, maybe your body is plateauing, in which case you just need some new techniques to intensify your walking workout. Vary the pace of your walk by alternating slow and quick steps. Challenge your walk by incorporating hills, a steep incline or stadium stairs within your walking route. Adding the use of trekking poles or a weighted vest can also ramp up the intensity of your walking workout.


About the author: Joe Nguyen is the club owner at Anytime Fitness in Norwalk. To submit a question for future articles, please contact the author at

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