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Wunderkind In Design

Posted December 31, 2014 in Adel, Community Featured

Have you ever known people so in demand that they should have their own zip code? That would be Aubrey and Diana Dunbar who live in the twelve room house at 1125 Main Street right here in Adel.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Aubrey was endowed with exceptional design ability at a very young age.  Over the years his talents have grown into a business that has made him one of the most sought-after designers in the Midwest. He has the ability to use unusual objects to create specialized planning for most any type event and has done so throughout several states. This is only one of his natural skills that set him apart from the norm.

Dunbars bought 1125 Main Street when they moved to Adel in 1978. Built in 1890 the original house was a one-and-a-half story Bungalow.  The late Dr. Clinton Mershon  and family lived in the house many years and their residence also served as an office for Dr. Mershon’s medical practice. What is now the Dunbar’s luxurious living room was the Dr.’s examining room.

Additions by the Dunbars include a rear deck that overlooks a perfectly landscaped lawn and rock garden, and front porch pillars and privacy screen that Aubrey cut with a scroll saw.  He also refinished the woodwork and removed an interior wall to make the kitchen and family room one area. Diana wanted a pink and green kitchen and Aubrey provided just that in a MacKenzie-Childs design with a tin ceiling. This kitchen is one-of-a-kind as Aubrey hand painted every square inch of the decorative MacKenzie-Childs design including the cabinet trim, ceiling fans, and door frames and window trim on the exterior of the house. Beautifully decorated throughout, this house holds the surprise and joy of the unexpected. It is evident that the hands of an artisan has been at work making it a place of beauty.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Aubrey and Diana grew up as neighbors in Webster City, they even rode the same school bus and their Mothers have been long-time friends.

Diana is a librarian at the Waukee Public Library and Aubrey works as a designer for Boxwoods Fine Furnishings which recently opened in West Des Moines. The Dunbars have two children and are active members of The First Christian Church.

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