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Q: What should I know about fitness and weight loss?

Posted December 31, 2014 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: 5 Things everyone should know about fitness and weight loss:

  1. FITNESS: Focused on variety; Your body has multiple muscle types as well as multiple ways to produce energy.  By changing the intensity and duration of your routine you may be able to reap greater gains in the gym.

  2. NUTRITION: Sometimes it’s when you eat; Nutrient timing is a very powerful tool when it comes to weight loss or muscle gain.  The two hours after your workout should be your best meal of the day!

  3. FITNESS: In weight loss, less is more; Like tip 1 there are many ways that your body produces the energy for exercise.  When trying to lose weight you may want to target fat as the main source of energy.  This system requires long durations of exercise performed at less than 30% VO2 max.  This is much slower than most people realize and can be very effective.

  4. NUTRITION: Carbohydrates are not the enemy; It is an undeniable fact that carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for muscles.  So here is the trick… only eat enough carbs to supply your muscles with food and when they are full eat more protein.  During and after exercise your muscles have used up all of their fuel storage.  This is the time (up to 2 hours post exercise) when your muscles need the carbs the most and will not convert them to fat.

  5. FITNESS:  Health and wellness require support, if you don’t have a fitness professional or qualified resource FIND ONE!

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