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Library services from your home

Posted December 31, 2014 in Community Featured, Perry

AtoZ Maps Online is one of the library’s online resources that can be easily accessed from your home or anywhere if you are connected to the internet. From the Perry Public library’s home webpage, click on Library Services Online Anytime & Anyplace. You will find the library’s online resources, the databases (simply collections of information) that you can have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The first database is AtoZ Maps Online and is the world’s largest database of royalty-free, downloadable maps for academic and business (non-commercial) use. No other online resource offers so many maps in so many categories. You will need to enter your library card to access the database website.


 145,000+ Royalty Free Maps

Since its release, AtoZ Maps Online remains the most comprehensive map resource database available today. AtoZ Maps Online consists of more than 145,000 maps—static maps, animated maps, real-time maps, scientific maps (NASA, USGS, NOAA, NOS), teaching tools (interactive games), and historic maps—all in one place. Royalty-free. Students, teachers, library patrons, and administrators may use images freely in non-commercial applications, with most of the maps available for download in jpg, tiff, and PDF formats.



  • You can utilize an extensive archive of historic collections, scientific maps, and government map collections—available remotely, anywhere, anytime.
  • Students, homeschoolers, teachers, and local patrons can explore the maps for school projects and local neighborhood maps ideal for genealogical research.
  • K-12 teachers can access lesson plans, outline maps, games, puzzles, and other teaching tools swiftly and easily, for classroom use and student reports.


One of the greatest tools (and fun) that I have personally used is the GeoFindIt! – an interactive geography game. You can find this under Education – Teaching Tools on the left-hand side menu. You choose the continent. Then you proceed to identify the countries on that continent. I admit I am pretty good at North America, Central America, South America and Western Europe. Eastern Europe and the Middle East were a little challenging. However, the game is very forgiving and will let you have second and third chances to get the countries right. When you are up for a little bit of a challenge, you need to try Africa and Asia. For the ultimate challenge, now try Australia and Oceania. I know it seems that this should be an easy continent because Australia includes Australia and New Zealand, right? Wrong!!! This segment includes Oceania with Australia which includes many, many small island groups. …Have fun!

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