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Internet Home Search

Posted December 31, 2014 in Advice Column, Beaverdale, Urbandale


When I started in 1985 at Iowa Realty we had a Kaypro II to search for homes . There were no photos until we received our weekly catalogues with only the front elevation. I would literally have some people  want to view 30 homes before they could make a decision.  To get home basic information on the home Agents had to pay 2 dollars for a copy of building card for each property.

Now we go to 2015 where over  90% of buyers are doing research off the internet. People can go through your home without even knocking, virtually. Almost half of that traffic is now off of mobile phones.

Marketing  Sites.

When searching for a property today with either phone or computer you will have a number of marketing sites that that pop up when you type in your address. You can get your Zestimate from Zillow. Trulia can show upcoming foreclosures, affordability, and even average rental prices. These sites are  very informational but contain a lot of paid advertising. Most of the time you will need to still contact a Realtor to view the property or see if it is still available.

Government  sites

To get home basic information on the home Agents had to pay 2 dollars for a copy of building card for each property. Depending on what county you live in you can get your property information online. The us Census bureau gives you current statistics for your area. City websites let you know current happenings and building construction currently going on.

Realtors Sites

Our Des Moines Area Association of Realtors shares information with its members to sell properties. Whenever you search one of our member sites you will find current properties available for sale. Today

When using my laptop which is much lighter than the 26 pound Kaypro II I can show homes in my car, your home or compare others while showing.

2015 will be a good year for purchasing your first or next home. Inventory will be challenging for  buyers because of the low inventory. Call your Realtor and get prepared.

Information provided by Jon Smith, Iowa Realty Beaverdale office, 3521 Beaver Ave., 240-2692.

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