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Moving Forward

Posted December 24, 2014 in Community Featured, Boone


            It’s a movement to restore a 120-year-old building, one with roots to the start of the Catholic community in the town of Boone.

            The Legacy of the Sacred Heart Capital Campaign was a renewing project that was born in 2013 to strengthen, improve and extend the Church of the Sacred Heart in Boone. Father Randy Schon and several church officials spearheaded the effort, subtitled “Moving Forward.” The church found themselves inspired by the prophet Jeremiah and God’s plans for each and every one of his children.

Sacred Heart is working hard to restore its heritage and secure the legacy of its building that has stood for 120 years.

Sacred Heart is working hard to restore its heritage and secure the legacy of its building
that has stood for 120 years.


            “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you says the Lord, plans for your well-being, plans to give you a future full of hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

            With careful planning and coordination, a restoration committee took hold and the chance to change the church forever began to take footing. The task? No small feat. One of the biggest steps in rejuvenating the Sacred Heart was to repair and restore 42 stained glass windows.

            The goal to bring the stained pieces of art to their original state required more than just money, however. Church officials took on the role of researchers, reaching out to members of the church and community. Identifying worn and sometimes indistinguishable dedications on the stained windows was an important priority to staff. With the help of community outreach, Sacred Heart was able to identify many of the original dedication plaques and whom they belonged to.


            Church members have pulled together to invest in Sacred Heart by adopting the old stained glass windows that adorn the building. By giving forth donations, members are helping to ensure the restoration of the historical pieces of art that play an important role at the church.

            As of September of this year, pledges toward the restoration campaign totaled over 3 million dollars. The church has already replaced an HVAC within the building and the plan is to begin salvaging the stained glass of the church beginning next year.  The overwhelming support that the campaign has received is a testament to the teachings of Christ and His overwhelming focus on giving and giving back. While Sacred Heart still has a long way to go, the passion and push by concerned congregation and community members serves as a bright light in the rejuvenation process.

Church of the Sacred Heart
915 12th St.
Saturday mass: 5:30 p.m.

Sunday mass: 8 and 10 a.m.

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