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Two Great Assets in One Location

Posted December 18, 2014 in Community Featured, Grimes


As we draw to the close of another year, it causes us to reflect on our organization and what makes it continue to succeed.  I think I’m old enough and maybe even wise enough to quickly realize that it had little to do with the President of GCED this past year.

We did see an increased diversity on the board, meaning we had better representation of various business types to help shape the course and direction of the organization.  We saw overall better participation by board members at various events throughout the year.

But as I conclude a three year term on the board of directors I believe much of our success at GCED relates back to our two best assets.

The two staff members of the GCED, Dini Anderlik, Chamber Director, and Brian Buethe, Executive Director of Grimes Chamber and Economic Development, are those two best assets.  They work incredibly well together, seamlessly, to support volunteers of the GCED to accomplish our goals.  They are always upbeat, with a positive attitude and a smile.  During their tenure and leadership they have helped grow the membership from 90 to over 225.  They often work behind the scenes to support volunteers and others to get things done.

They both work hard at developing and improving relationships with various aspects of the community.  They get the big picture.  They work well with others and share success freely.

It is very rare that you catch Dini without a smile.  GCED is a collection of businesses and organizations but Dini makes it feel like a family.  She works in many ways to support volunteers to accomplish what needs to be done.

Brian is involved in state and local organizations that make a difference, including ICCE, PDI, Rotary, Lion’s Club (Past President) and others.  He is a respected leader in the Greater Des Moines Partnership of Chambers.  Brian works harder at his job than anyone expects but is also very much a family man.  He is able to work as hard as he does thanks to the support, patience and understanding of his wife and two children.

Brian works hard at a very important partnership relationship with the City of Grimes.  You are not successful at economic development for a city in a vacuum.  It requires a lot of teamwork and communication.

Brian and Dini have done so much to grow the Chamber and build relationships with the right people to make it happen.  GCED would not have the success it has had if it were not for Brian and Dini. 

The reason we have a strong volunteer base is because of

the relationships they have built.  They both put in countless hours for Governors Days and   other activities in order for them to succeed.  Since September, we have been neighbors to GCED, and my respect has grown even stronger.  Thanks, Dini and Brian!

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