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Meet Melissa Rasmusson

Posted December 17, 2014 in Altoona, Community Featured

After graduating from UNI with a degree in elementary education, Melissa Rasmusson has taught throughout the Southeast Polk School District for the past 11 years.

Originally from Altoona, Iowa teaching is a large part of Melissa’s family history.

“My grandmother was a 2nd grade teacher and my father a PE teacher.  They always had so much passion when talking about their jobs,” Melissa stated.

As a child, Melissa’s grandmother would give all her old teaching materials to Melissa to play school with her sister.

Now, in her current classroom, Melissa has many exciting activities planned for her first graders, including a field trip to the science center that was taken in the fall and a field trip to CY Stevens to see Jack and the Beanstalk which will take place this spring.

Along with teaching first grade at Clay Elementary, Melissa is also involved with numerous school activities.  As part of the Veterans’ Day Committee, Melissa helped students make a large class flag out of student handprints.  She also assisted the students in making cards that they then delivered to Hy-Vee.

Starting in January, Melissa will also help with the Language Arts Committee, in which each year, different teachers are chosen to help look at the Language Arts Program.  And, coming up this spring, Melissa is also set to help out with the Grandparent’s Day Committee.

However, one of the most unique programs Melissa is currently working on is one that she carries out in her own classroom.  On the last Wednesday of every month, Melissa recognizes those kids in her classroom who demonstrate Respect, Always Responsible, Manners, and Safety (or RAMS for short) by clipping a clothespin with their name on it.  Those whose clothespins reach high enough in her classroom, make it to Melissa’s lanyard that she wears around her neck daily.

In her free time, Melissa states that she spends as much time as she can playing with her 9 month old son, Will.

“I never dreamed I’d be teaching at the same school I grew up in but now it all worked out and I really love it!” Melissa stated.


“She’s the best teacher in the world,” Preston Davis.

Preston Davis

Preston Davis











“We get to do writing and I love to write!” Will Ackelson

Will Ackelson

Will Ackelson











Mrs. Rasmusson teaches us good stuff we don’t know,” Lydia Hoffmann

Lydia Hoffmann

Lydia Hoffmann

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