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Leaving old, loving new

Posted December 17, 2014 in Altoona, Community Featured


There’s much to love about the east side of Des Moines. Many homeowners have lived or still live there long after raising a family. Many are attached to the traditions that make permanent marks in their older east side homes. When an opportunity arises for a family to move, excitement of new is intertwined with tears of sadness of leaving what they know.

Homeowners Randy and Linda Corbin sit in their country shabby chic living room where everyone will soon gather for Christmas.

Homeowners Randy and Linda Corbin sit in their country shabby chic living room where everyone will soon gather for Christmas.

Long time Sheridan Park homeowners Randy and Linda Corbin fit this description perfectly. Just as their older east side home was perfect for them at the time, so too, is their newer 2007 Altoona ranch home.

“I wanted to be closer to family,” Linda says. “When we bought this home my daughter lived eleven houses to the west and my sister still lives eleven houses to the east. I also have a niece right around the corner.”

Even more to love about Altoona is the proximity and ease of running errands to the post office and Fareway. Plus, it’s really quiet here and we like that Randy adds.

The couple is even more comfortable inside their home. Once in, the fine furniture and tasteful décor are warm, welcoming and delightful. The open kitchen to the living area is adorned with country collectables, shabby chic mirrors and rustic pieces of furniture. The large architectural chipped white wood piece that hangs above the hallway entrance makes a confident statement. It complements the white square coffee table with wicker baskets.

Behind the couch the subtle touch of tall tulips in glass vases adds a magazine-perfect look. The two plaid chairs round out the living room as the gas fireplace sets the mood to comfort on a chilly December night.

“I really like how open the kitchen is to the living room,” Linda says. “I’m right in there with my family as I’m cooking and I love that.”

001Christmas time brings an annual seasonal movie with the grandchildren, traditional breakfast with gifts, games and lunch for those who linger. A Christmas Saturday offers appetizers and more gifts. Fun finger food includes sausage and bacon wraps, shrimp, Oreo balls, ham and cheese sliders and of course, sugar cookies.

Shortly after the couple moved to Altoona and they were all gathered around for a typical Sunday night dinner together Linda’s son-in-law said, “see, isn’t this what you wanted, all of us in one big room eating together?”

And so a newer ranch style house in an Altoona development became home.

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