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Big city life

Posted December 17, 2014 in Community Featured, Downtown

“Growing up, Des Moines was considered ‘The Big City’,” Macy Koch stated regarding her current home.  Originally from Mechanicsville, Iowa,

Macy Koch moved to the big city of Des Moines from Mechanicsville. Photo by T.K. West

Macy Koch moved to the big city of Des Moines from Mechanicsville. Photo by T.K. West

Koch’s first encounter with “The Big City” occurred while studying at Simpson College.  However, it wasn’t until Koch’s return to the city after graduation that she would move into her current home at the AP Lofts on SW 5th

“At the time I was working from home in Eastern Iowa.  And, it just hit me.  If I could work from home anywhere, why wouldn’t I live in Des Moines?” Koch stated.

At first Koch relied on friends for things to do.  But it wasn’t long before she became involved in numerous organizations around the downtown area. 

As a coach for Girls on the Run, a program ran through the YMCA, Koch helped with the after school program at Windsor Elementary where she helped students run a 5K within 10 weeks. 

“This program helps build positive self esteem and say no to bullies,” Koch stated.

Koch is also involved in Art Noir, a young professional group for art.  This program hosts educational events as well as tours of corporate art. 

“The best part about this program is that you don’t have to have prior knowledge about art.  The point of the program is to learn about art,” Koch stated.

Finally, Koch also participates in downtown bike rides.  Koch’s apartment complex hosts an informal bike group for anyone interested.

“It’s hard not to be active because you constantly see other people being active,” Koch states.

Koch states there are many positive aspects to living in downtown Des Moines.  You can walk anywhere you need to go.  And, there is never a lack of things to do as the city is constantly hosting events. 

As for those new to the neighborhood, Koch advises they find an organization to join that best ties to their interests.  The YPC organization fair showcases all the not for profits throughout the area.  And, the best way to see all that downtown has to offer is to rent a bicycle with a basket.  It is great for visiting the downtown market and all the shops in the East Village.

“The important thing is to say ‘Yes’ and try many new things,” Koch stated.  


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