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Shop locally this Christmas

Posted December 10, 2014 in Community Featured, Norwalk

All year long, my last words for each article were to remember to shop local, shop Norwalk. This holiday season I encourage every household in Norwalk to spend at least $25 at one of our many businesses we have here in Norwalk. According to the city’s water department, we have 3,341 residential homes and 40 apartments. (However, I know we have a lot more apartments/homes than that might reflect.) But just think how much money could be pumped back into our local economy: $84,525. That keeps people employed here, keeps money here to give to various organizations, keeps you happy to have a place to shop, eat, golf, take care of your vehicle, get your hair cut, nails done, medical and dental services, fitness place.. the list is endless if you think about it.

Some residents might not be aware that if you don’t support what you already have, other businesses that you do want to come to Norwalk won’t come because they see those spending dollars going west, north, east… everywhere but staying at home. The trick is to spend your money here to keep these businesses thriving and, in turn, possibly attracting a bowling alley or a Walgreens or a movie theatre or more eating places or a clothing store or an office supply store. But it starts with you first, Norwalk people. It also takes a willing and inviting environment to embrace more economic/commercial development to enhance our community.

This message of buying locally is nothing new. Just a couple weeks ago there was a great article in the Business Record written by Jim Miller, executive director of the Historic Valley Junction Foundation. One business there makes 30 to 40 percent of its sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If there are a few bad snowstorms during that time, it really cuts into the revenue, so that is why we need to shop locally more than just a couple days out of the year. Many more articles have been written about it in the past. However, it is something we must be reminded of, especially during the holiday season when it could make or break some businesses.

Come Jan. 1 when you wake up, what business would you be sad to find out it closed due to lack of patronage? This isn’t just a holiday thing, either. We must be mindful to shop locally 365 days a year. It does matter. If not to you, then to your community members who like to have businesses here and strive to shop local, shop Norwalk.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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