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Clive Approves 2015 Legislative Priorities

Posted December 10, 2014 in Clive, Web Exclusives


During their December 4 meeting the Clive City Council approved their legislative priorities for the upcoming 2015 state legislative session. The legislative priorities ensure the City of Clive can speak with one voice to the state legislators on issues important to Clive.

The 2015 Clive legislative priorities include:

1) Provide for a more equitable pension contribution for all public employees.
2) Develop revenue generating flexibility for Iowa local governments to lessen the role of the property tax as the state’s primary funding mechanism for local government.
3) Remain committed to funding the implementation of the new property tax system.
4) Implement water quantity and quality programs showing measurable changes to Iowa’s waterways.
5) Reinforce outdoor quality of life programs and direct state funding to encourage unique and desirable places to live to attract the workforce Iowa needs.

These legislative priorities have been shared with Clive’s state representatives. The City of Clive’s elected and appointed officials will utilize these talking points as they interact with state legislators throughout the 2015 state legislative session.

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