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Brining man to God

Posted December 09, 2014 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

During this cold season of Christmas in Iowa, many people are going to be warmed by drawing near to loved ones. It’s sad to realize that so many others are going to be left out in the cold, having no one with whom to share the joys and sorrows of life. Whatever might be your connection to friends and family this winter, are you going to spend the holidays with Almighty God, whom you can worship and adore today and always as your Father in heaven? This is possible only because God has drawn near to us through the incarnation of His eternal Son.

Christmas means so many different things to different people, but what Christians celebrate above all is that God the Son actually took upon Himself a true human nature in order to reconcile us sinners to God. That baby in the manger is not a symbol of what is sweetest or most sacred about humanity. He is really the Savior who left inconceivable riches in glory, entered into all of our poverty, and rescued sinners who could have never helped themselves in the least. Left to ourselves, we would forever remain alienated from God, lost in the guilt and misery of our sin. But we may have peace with God because His Son became a true man, perfectly obeyed the law of God in our place, and died under the law’s full penalty for our sins. By His life, death and resurrection, Jesus has reconciled to God those who trust in Him and in the work He did for our salvation, even for our adoption into the everlasting royal family of God.

At Providence Reformed Church this winter, we will be thinking especially about why our Savior needed to be both true God and true man. Please join us for Sunday morning worship, when we will focus on the coming of Christ Jesus, the God-man, whose person and work is the central theme uniting all parts of that grand story of Holy Scripture. Receive the only gift which really keeps on giving — receive Christ, in whom we have peace with God through the forgiveness of our sins, unto life everlasting.

Information provided by Pastor J. James Lucero of Providence Reformed Church, 3615 University Ave., Des Moines, 515-707-8022


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