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Life and legacy

Posted August 27, 2014 in Community Featured, Boone
Betty Ann Schmitz will host a Life and Legacy workshop this fall.

Betty Ann Schmitz will host a Life and Legacy workshop this fall.

Local religious institutions have always hosted different kinds of events, programs and activities to further reach out to the local and international communities. Hosting workshops is one of the most common ways for the institutions, or individuals within an institution, to not necessarily deliver the word of God, but to offer wisdom and messages that are meant for the well-being of the people in parallel with the institutions’ beliefs.

Betty Ann Schmitz, development director at Church of the Sacred Heart in Boone, is one of those individuals who wants to share her beneficial insights to others without asking for anything in return. The “Life and Legacy Workshop” offered in the parish building is a project that Schmitz has been working on for five years.

Schmitz says workshop attendants will realize the importance of planning their life affairs ahead of time; if something unfortunate happens to them, their family will have the information to take care of their legacies.

“I want them to know that by having their affairs in order, their family will go through much less heartache, and everything will be taken care of,” Schmitz says.

Schmitz will distribute a notebook to each participant and have them bring it home to fill it out themselves. The main purpose of it is to have the participants’ wishes carried out.

“If they don’t have the wishes written down, their families aren’t going to know what they want, and nothing will be taken care of the way they want it done,” Schmitz explains.

The workshops have been receiving positive responses from past attendants. Schmitz says many participants came back asking for another copy of the notebook, hoping to share with their families.

Schmitz says sometimes people may have the misconception that they will be asked for money and a donation if they attend the workshops.

“The workshops are a service to the people who attend,” she says. “It’s not about asking for money; it’s a service to them to make their life easier, to make sure that their legacy is carried out.”

The workshops are free and open to whomever is interested.

Schmitz usually holds the workshops twice a year, in spring and fall. Sometimes, a third one will take place in winter. The next workshop will take place soon in fall. People who are interested may visit the church website at www.sacredhrt.org for updates.

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