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Serving memories

Posted August 06, 2014 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

Breakfast on the porch has to be one of the best Clear Lake traditions at PM Park.

The pulled pork sliders would win any contest for “Best in the State.”  Photo by Lori Berglund

The pulled pork sliders would win any contest for “Best in the State.” Photo by Lori Berglund

I can remember rising early with Dad and coming out for pancakes. It would be hours before boaters and water skiers started kicking up waves, and we could look out on the lake, with clear water as still as glass.

The grassy lawn leading down to the lake would be wet with dew, and with the cool morning air, it all smelled almost as good as the breakfast cooking up inside.

I linger for a moment, savoring the memory, and then fast-forward to the present. PM Park has changed so much since those days. Fortunately, it has retained its charm and, at the same time, become an even bigger part of the community with a broader range of events and fun for all.

Today, I’m making new memories with Mom — she doesn’t do breakfast and barely does mornings at all. We’re here for lunch on a sunny afternoon, and the porch is as charming and inviting as ever. As for the food, it’s as awesome as the atmosphere, and the menu is bigger than ever.

But amazingly, despite all the choices, we choose the practically the same thing. (Weird mother/daughter chemistry going on, apparently.) I opted for a pulled pork sandwich, while she ordered the pulled pork sliders.

Mom had one of the sliders for lunch and took the rest home. They are that generous with the portions. Starting off, the bread in these sandwiches is divine. It tastes absolutely homemade and is just the right strength to stand up to the pulled pork. The pork itself had to be Iowa grown, it tasted so fresh, and the combination of barbecue sauces and seasonings were just right.

I know there’s a competition in this state for the best pork tenderloin, in which PM Park nearly topped them all, but we also need a pulled pork contest, and in that category there is no way anyone could beat these sandwiches.

For a side, I opted for a heap of crisp onion rings. Again, the portion was extremely generous and the taste was perfection.

For atmosphere and food, PM Park scores with great memories from yesterday, and new memories being made yet today.

PM Park
15297 Raney Drive
(641) 357-1991
7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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