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Two weeks of faith

Posted July 23, 2014 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill Church of Christ is holding its fourth Two-Week Meeting July 26 - Aug. 9.

Pleasant Hill Church of Christ is holding its fourth Two-Week Meeting July 26 – Aug. 9.

Local and out-of-state Christ followers can mark their calendars as Pleasant Hill Church of Christ is bringing a Two-Week Meeting to the community July 26 – Aug .9.

For the fourth time within 40 years, the church is bringing back the two-week program to Pleasant Hill. It is a program consisting of both lectures and fellowship and will run every day including weekends.

Lowell Hermon, one of the four elders at Pleasant Hill Church of Christ, says the program is to deliver Christian education to youth and serious Bible students with socialization through classroom format.

“They should be able to learn from many excellent speakers about how to survive as a Christian in a world that isn’t always accepting of Biblical teachings,” Hermon says.

Hermon mentioned one interesting activity that he will like to highlight is the discussion on the book of Revelation.

“The book of Revelation is a book that has a few prophecies that have not been fulfilled, so it is very interesting to discuss what will be happening before Jesus returns. Most all of the subjects are helpful to live a spirit-filled life in this troublesome world,” Hermon says.

Two-Week Meeting was first held at Pleasant Hill Church of Christ in 1969. The second time took place 24 years later in 1993, and it was the one that needed the most patience due to a severe flood that happened in the Des Moines area. The third time it was held was in 1997. Seventeen years later the church is hosting the program for the fourth time in August.

“Over a year ago the challenge was to pick subjects and speakers that young to old will want to listen to,” Hermon says. Finance is also a significant issue in hosting the program. Hermon says the event will cost around $20,000 to $30,000. Most of the expenses will go to the evangelists and speakers, as well as for food.

All of the worships and lectures will be conducted in the church building at 5091 E. University, while other activities will mostly be held at family homes and local businesses.

Advance registration is recommended. Registration and a timetable for both weeks are available online at For more information, call the church at 515-265-5714 or

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