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Q: What services help with pain besides injections?

Posted July 23, 2014 in Advice Column, Boone

A: It’s true poor posture is bad for your back, but sometimes there’s more to it. That’s why patients who are referred receive a thorough assessment which screens for not only potential causes of pain, but additional ways to improve quality of life. In addition to a screening, we take the time to sit with you and answer all of your questions you may have, no matter how complex. A key to success is involving you in deciding how your care will proceed. Treatment may include referral to chiropractic care, dietician, massage therapy, physical therapy, smoking cessation counseling or yoga practitioners, just to name a few options we provide with an initial consultation.

As a member of the Boone community, we are here to serve you five days a week. Visit midiowaanesthesia.com or call 515-212-2420 for any questions on services we provide. Initial consultation includes a full assessment and focus on customized education on your symptoms and treatment of the underlying cause, all at Boone County Hospital, usually within one business day of a referral from your primary care provider. There are no upfront costs, and most insurance plans are accepted.

Information provided by Chris Hanson, Mid Iowa Anesthesia, 515-212-2420, www.midiowaanesthesia.com.

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