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A chance for change

Posted July 23, 2014 in Community Featured, Beaverdale
Michael Jeffries, Hannah Everett and Alex Jeffries share a home and a new start in life in Beaverdale.  Photos by Chris Kelley.

Michael Jeffries, Hannah Everett and Alex Jeffries share a home and a new start in life in Beaverdale.
Photos by Chris Kelley.

Living with friends has never been so fun. I get to come home every day and not have to worry about what my plans are for the evening. It’s really nice,” says Hannah Everett of her roommates. “And it definitely helps that I can trust them to pay their rent on time.”

Hannah had never been to Iowa up until two years ago, but in her opinion renting out her uncle’s home is one of the best choices she ever made.

“While many people might not think of it this way, Beaverdale is a hip little place. There’s really something for everybody in the ‘Beav,’ and I feel safer than ever. We all really like it here,” she says.

Hannah’s favorite part of her newest address? The spacious backyard and the friendly neighbors.

When she took the dive from giving up her Georgia roots and making a homestead in Iowa, Hannah was glad to have company in her two roommates Michael and Alex Jeffries.

“It’s funny, Michael and I wanted a big change, and one day my mom told me that my uncle would rent out some property to me at a discounted price if I promised to make something of myself and get out of all my bad habits,” Alex says.

Hannah says that things weren’t good for her back home — the pressures of drinking and drugs proved too much for her in college.

home2“My first two years of college changed me for the worst,” she says. “Part of me getting help was changing my area code and starting clean.”

The 24-year-old says she owes her life to her housemates for their support, friendship and cooking skills.

Alex is no stranger to Iowa, however — the Drake alum was a convincing factor in the reuniting of the trio in the Midwest.

“Iowa’s a perfect place for me, for anyone really. And you can’t beat our place for the price, right guys?” he jokes with his roommates while preparing dinner. (This house always smells like some amazing Southern cooking).

“It’s great to be with my brother, and it’s funny, because we actually grew up next to Hannah, and now we’re sharing toilet paper with her,” continues

The Jeffries were not with their own troubles before coming to Iowa. From some run-ins with the law and a drunk driving car accident that left them with some physical and emotional scars, they are now proud to leave in a home clean of influence.

“We all have the same goals now. We’re different than most of our friends and people our age, and that’s OK. I’m totally down to spend a night in playing Monopoly,” says Michael.

The three attribute their sense of humor and mutual love for gardening and soul food as the reason their Beaverdale “bachelor pad” works for them. When Hannah wanted to grow her own vegetables, Michael helped her dig up the backyard and Alex used his green thumb and a touch of good luck to bring it all to life.

“We’re really not like other 20-something roommates living in the city. But that’s OK,” says Hannah. “There’s a place for everyone in Beaverdale.”

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