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Customized living

Posted July 09, 2014 in Community Featured, Clive
Michael and Chi Czipar added another stall to their garage to create a workshop for Michael.

Michael and Chi Czipar added another stall to their garage to create a workshop for Michael.

Chi and Michael Czipars were a little unsure as to how things would end up with their new home when they saw that the previous homeowner was still moving out on closing day. But after 14 years in their two-story home,they are now able to laugh about the chaos of that time.

“He was offering to sell us things during our walk through,” Chi laughs. “He asked us if we wanted to buy his lamps.”

The commotion has since settled, and in its place the Czipars have created a tranquil home well-suited to their needs and the needs of their three children, Parker, Carter and Ashley.

After moving in, they began to make small changes that had a great impact.

“Light fixtures and paint make all the difference,” Chi says. She’s the painter in the family and has chosen calming, natural colors to accent their timeless hardwood floors.

As time and money have allowed, the Czipars have customized their home even more through the completion of larger projects.  When they needed a space to manage all of the paperwork that comes with their rental properties they turned the bonus room upstairs into a stunning work space with built-in cabinets and room for two computers. And after their children grew too big for their Hot Wheels and needed a more grown-up space to hang out, Michael and Chi transformed their unfinished basement from a mini race track into a family room complete with a fireplace, television, comfortable furniture and game tables.

One of the biggest changes, however, took place in the garage.  Needing a place for all of Michael’s tools and an area for him to work, the Czipars had their two-car garage turned into a three-car garage. Not only did they add room for a third car, but to maximize space they dug underneath the new stall to create a basement for the garage. This newly-added square footage is now Michaels’ shop.

The Czipars have also made improvements to their backyard.  Michael designed a captivating play structure for his children and added a pergola over their deck.  They’ve also planted pear trees and grapes.

Chi and Michael have been married for 19 years and enjoy living near family.

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