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Q: Is this the time to get your kids off their meds?

Posted July 02, 2014 in Advice Column, Ames

A: Have we got your attention yet? As a chiropractor, I first want to say that I have no authority to prescribe and, better yet, advise you take your child off of their medications. I realize the risks that can be associated with doing such a thing. But, just for a moment, imagine if they truly didn’t need their medications anymore because their nervous system was functioning as intended? How amazing would that be for your family, but more importantly, for your child — not having to take medication that alters behavior and carries side effects with it? I know that many parents already give their children a “medication vacation” during the summer, so why not see if you can make it permanent?

Primarily we are referring to children that are on medication for sensory processing disorders, but we know of children who deal with chronic constipation, respiratory infections and gastro-intestinal issues that would benefit from this as well.

All children with sensory processing disorders have one thing in common — a nervous system issue. There is improper communication from the brain to the rest of the body, which can result in over stimulation in some areas and quite the opposite effect in others. Chiropractors are trained to deliver specific adjustments to the spine to create balance in the nervous system. Why not have your child evaluated by a chiropractor — what have you got to lose?

Information provided by Dr. Lindsey Bartholomew, DC, Bartholomew Chiropractic, 2721 Stange Road, Ames,515-292-3718.

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