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Looking back

Posted July 02, 2014 in Adel, Community Featured

100 years ago: “Retires From Parole Board: W. H. Berry, member of the state board of parole, has just retired after eight years of service. He declared that he will be glad to take a rest after eight years of service to now take care of his own affairs. In the past eight years, Mr. Berry had attended every session of the board. There were 2,700 convicted during the time he was on the board that passed through that tribunal.”
Advertisement: “The Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet – Helps you have meals ready in much less than the usual time. $1.00 now puts a Hoosier in your kitchen. A few pennies a day soon pays for it!”

75 years ago: “16 Passenger Plane Will Be In Adel Thursday Morning: G.N. Lampley, business manager for the Hanner Flying Service of Champaign, Ill., made arrangements to bring their huge 16 passenger Ford tri-motor plane to Adel, Thursday, July 27
Advertisement: “United Foods: 9 cents for Short Ribs, Spare Ribs, Pork Liver, Lard, Hog Brains, Pork Sausage; Matches – 6 boxes for 16 cents; bananas 5 cents a lb.; oranges – 2 doz. for 27 cents; popped wheat – large 4 oz. bag only 4 cents; Stock salt – 100 lb bag – 59 cents.”

50 years ago: “Caption: The Overall Prize Winner of the 1964 Adel Kids Day Parade was a group that depicted a “Tom Thumb Wedding.” The youngsters included Bobby Baxter, Kent Knoll, Kim Rabin, and Paula Rinehart, Chuck, LeAnn & Mike Warlord. They received the $5.00 overall prize award.”
Advertisement: “Rodgers Super Valu: Fryers – whole 25 cents a lb.; Franks – 1 lb. pkg. 46 cents; Watermelons – 4 cents a  lb.; Potato Chips- Twin pack- 49 cents; Ice Cream – half gallon – 59 cents; Flour – 25 lb. bag – $1.79; Canned Hams- 3 lb. can – $2.49.”

25 years ago: “Mental Health Center Likely to Stay in Adel: Wayne Geadelmann of Adel Developers Inc. reported this week that a verbal agreement has been reached with the owner of Adel Acres Care Center to the immediate east of the Mental Health Center, to donate additional land for parking and to allow parking at the care center on a need basis.”
Advertisement:  Accent On Hair:  109 South 9th – Mike & Harriet Swarm – coupon – $4.95 men & women’s hair cut or style cut.  Clippers, razor or scissors cut. Expires 7-3-89. $24.95 perm, men or women. Regular $30.00. Long or treated hair extra.

Some interesting facts about Adel
Leroy Lambert: During his life in Dallas County, he was one of the leading business men. He was elected to the state legislature in 1853, 1858, 1860, 1861 and 1869. In 1868 he entered into banking, opening the first bank in Dexter, Iowa, with Martin Smith. Later in 1869 they opened the Dallas County Bank in Adel. In 1850 he was active in starting up the Christian Church.

Museum moments
The Adel museum is open on Saturdays from noon until 4 p.m. Our last event at the Adel Library raised more than $5,000 toward our new addition. This brings our total amount raised to $57.447 toward our $90,000 goal. I am still looking for information on tea rooms in Adel. I remember Margaret Kyle’s tea room, but I know there were more. If you remember anything about past tea rooms, please give me a call at 993-1032.

Information provided by Adel Historical Museum.

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