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On the move

Posted June 25, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant
Josh and Michelle Finch bought one of the first houses in the development called The Cove.

Josh and Michelle Finch bought one of the first houses in the development called The Cove.

Bondurant’s motto, “On the Move,” is the perfect representation of the community. Recent years have seen the city expanding in every direction. To the east, Bondurant has grown with the housing development of The Cove. One of the first houses built along 15th Street S.E. in The Cove was quickly purchased by Josh and Michelle Finch in 2008.

Originally from Altoona, the couple chose Bondurant for several reasons after looking in both Pleasant Hill and Altoona.

“It’s just a convenient location” says Michelle “Altoona had a lot of great new homes, but they were above our price range. Plus, this is a quieter neighborhood.  When we first moved in, it was just our house and the neighbor’s house on this end of the development. We bought this with the idea that we can grow in to it.”

Once settled in, Josh and Michelle began the process of adding their own personalities to the home. The first noticeable additions are the vibrant orange walls of the living room, reflecting Michelle’s love for Halloween.

“That color took five coats. And I told her ‘I’m not painting it again,’ ” says Josh. Matching the orange walls and Michelle’s love for Halloween is their black cat, Vader.

The couple encountered a chaotic event in their first year of being homeowners.

Finch Home“The first year we noticed some birds had nested in the outside dryer vent. One of the birds got all the way through the vent to where it connects to the dryer” says Josh. “At first we didn’t know what it was. We thought it might have been a bat. We ended up catching it in a grocery sack by moving the dryer.”

Both agree on their favorite part of the house: the living room.

“The living room, because it’s the most open room in the house but it also feels cozy” says Josh “We spend a lot of our time in the living room.”

Josh and Michelle are looking to the future, and Bondurant is in their plans.

“We see ourselves here for years and years” says Michelle. “We want to finish the basement. We’ll probably have an entertainment room along with some other rooms. We’d love to have an acreage or land, but that is down the road.”

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