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Bringing it back to life

Posted June 25, 2014 in Community Featured, Waukee
Dave Mole is looking forward to turning this 1940 Chevy pickup into a road-worthy driver. Photo by Kathleen Summy.

Dave Mole is looking forward to turning this 1940 Chevy pickup into a road-worthy driver. Photo by Kathleen Summy.

The 1940 Chevy pickup in Dave and Jackie Mole’s Waukee garage had taken a long journey to get where it is today.

Dave loves to work vehicles. He had a 1948 GMC pickup that was finished, and he thought he would start something again with more creativity. That was 14 years ago, when the Moles were living in Newton, where they were born and raised.

“I was working at Maytag, and I heard a guy talking about a truck he was selling because he was getting divorced, and the price was really right, so I went and looked at it,” Dave says. “He said he could deliver it, and that sealed the deal, because it was not running. It was just a pile of rust — that other four-letter word.”

Dave doesn’t recall if he actually mentioned to his wife that he purchased the truck. He didn’t want to sell his GMC,  so there was no room for the Chevy  at home.

“I stuck it in the machine shed of some friends who lived in the country,” Dave says.

The truck stayed there for about a year, until the friends moved. The truck went to the home of another friend south of Newton, where it sat for another year.

“At that time, Jackie and I sold our house in town and built one in the country south of Newton,” Dave says. “Part of building the house included building a 30-foot by 40-foot shop where I could finally start working on the truck in 2002.”

But there was a lot of stuff at the top of Dave’s to-do list, and the truck always seemed to be at the bottom of the list.

“So that’s why here we are, 12 years later, with an unfinished, but closer — so much closer — truck,” Dave says.

The couple moved to Waukee in May 2009, and the Chevy was the last thing to make the trip.

“We backed it up (to the garage) and shoved it in,” Dave says. “Only one other car fits.” When he wants to work on the truck, the couples’ cars get moved to the driveway.

Dave sold the 1948 GMC truck in 2011 so he could focus on the Chevy truck, and says it’s beginning to take shape.

“My ideas have become a lot more clear and things have started to take shape,” Dave says. “It’s not ready to drive, but I hope that within the next two years I’ll be on the street.”

Dave has picked up machining and metal fabricating skills over the years which come in handy for such a big restoration project.

“I just really love to do this,” Dave says. “It’s nice to have a hobby I can do at home. I had a lot of good teachers. It’s a lot of fun to take what I’ve learned and make (a vehicle) a safe driver, a good driver and road-worthy. And it doesn’t hurt if it’s fast.”

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