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Posted June 18, 2014 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

The Windsor Heights Chamber is your local link to the economic and development issues that face our community.  Sure, we’re involved in special events for retail and community programs but our main focus is to promote the economy of Windsor Heights and to be a very public voice in the promotion of our city.

Those of us who live and work here have a choice; we can sit on the sidelines or get into the game.  Your Windsor Heights Chamber has made the decision to help our community grow and prosper by being involved. We hope you’ll join us in three very specific ways:

If you own, manage or work for a business based in Windsor Heights join us. There is strength in numbers;

You live in Windsor Heights, remember to shop/dine in Windsor Heights. Local dollars circulating here help us all;

Be proud. You live in the heart of if it all and that’s a darn good place to be.

We’re always ready to listen to your ideas, so feel free to send any of our board members a note. We meet each month and we’ll share your ideas with our board. We’re serious about building a better community. After all, we are your Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce.

One more thing
During the past two months, our ranks have grown by nine members because we’ve been out knocking on the doors of businesses, sharing with them the value of membership and the importance of building the business sector of Windsor Heights. Executive Director Deb Bengtson came to us from the West Des Moines Chamber because she believes in the future of our community and she’s been most active in member recruitment. We thought you should know.

For your convenience and so we can continue the conversation, feel free to write us.
Betty Ridout, president:
Steve Peterson, vice president:
Leng Vong Reiff, president elect:
Brook Wade, treasurer:
Matt Cale, director:
Dave Moench, government affairs:
Jeff Fiegenschuh:
Dr. Allison Carlson:
Faith Dorn:
Flo Hunter:
Britt German:
Michael Libbie:

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