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Q: How can I live a fulfilled life?

Posted June 18, 2014 in Advice Column, Grimes

A: Beyond living a fun life, most people want to live a fulfilled life that has a sense of purpose and meaning. Living a fulfilled and satisfied life is at the core of health and should be a motivation for everyone. But what does it take to live a fulfilled life?

Both research and personal experience show that the best way to live a fulfilled life is through service to others. Members of our healthcare team experienced this fact personally early this June as we served the runners in a unique event called Relay Iowa. More than 300 runners participated on a team that crossed the state of Iowa, from Sioux City to Dubuque non-stop and through a torrential downpour. They all ran with one purpose: to raise money for orphans in South Africa who lost their parents to AIDS and other diseases.

As I have met with several successful business leaders in our community, the common theme was, “serve people and always do the right thing.” This advice has fostered an atmosphere of service at Lifestream; to our patients and the community of Grimes. Service is the reason we host an organic farmers market in our parking lot the second and fourth Tuesday of the month through the summer, with no profit to us except knowing we can help make Grimes healthier. Join us to enjoy the health benefits that quality, fresh foods bring and to learn how service has given our healthcare team the satisfaction of a fulfilled life.

Information provided by Dr. Joe O’Tool, Lifestream Chiropractic, 1830 Princeton Drive, Suite D, Grimes, 259-9336.

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