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Prairie Ridge Riders

Posted June 18, 2014 in Ankeny, Community Featured

Some things just go together: milk and cookies, Jack and Jill and motorcycles and church. That’s right, motorcycles and church. At least that’s the case at Prairie Ridge Church on the north side of Ankeny.

Scott Hanson’s Harley may be parked in his garage for now, but he’s always ready to roll.

Scott Hanson’s Harley may be parked in his garage for now, but he’s always ready to roll.

It all started when Scott Hanson met his friends, Mary Ann DeVries and Tom Schlife, for breakfast. They discussed how great it would be to start a motorcycle club at their church. T-shirts and a logo were designed, a mission statement written, and next thing you know, the Prairie Ridge Riders were ready to roll.

On May 4, approximately 40 bikers met at Prairie Ridge Church for the First Annual Blessing of the Bikes, officiated by Pastor Mike Van Rees. Not only did motorcyclists from the church attend, but so did bikers from other churches, Hanson’s co-workers and his son.

“Something that’s really important in our group is that everyone is welcome regardless of what bike you drive or what church you go to,” states Hanson.

Even a reporter from Channel 8 taped a segment. When Hanson asked how she learned of the blessing, she told him that it had made “The Top 5 Things to do in Ankeny” that weekend.

Following the blessing, 25 bikers caravanned to Hickory Park for the first official ride. More outings are planned, but the group’s main focus is community service. Hanson plans to work with Hope Ministries to help feed the homeless in Des Moines.

“Countless times we have heard Pastor Mike talk about Up, In and Out,” Hanson says. “I feel this group is a great way to implement this teaching. Up, by praising God, collectively. In, by being in community with each other and having accountability, and Out, by serving our fellow Riders and our community.”

As a boy growing up in Forest City, Hanson raced dirt bikes. Today, a 2007 Harley Davidson Street Glide is more his speed.

“When I’m out riding my bike, I don’t think about anything else,” says Hanson. “I talk to God a lot. Somebody once said, ‘It’s only when I lose myself that I really find myself.’ It’s kind of stuck with me. It speaks to motorcycle riding.”

So, if you are ready to lose yourself, or find yourself, call Scott at 515-890-2211 to learn more about the Prairie Ridge Riders.

Contact Darren at 953-4822 ext. 304 or to recommend someone for an upcoming issue of “What’s In Your Garage?”

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