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Shadow in the dark

Posted June 11, 2014 in Community Featured, Clive
After seeing his dad, Eric Klein, pose with his motorcycle, Carson drove over his “Gator” to show off his own ride. Photo by David Rowley.

After seeing his dad, Eric Klein, pose with his motorcycle, Carson drove over his “Gator” to show off his own ride. Photo by David Rowley.

Nothing comes between a man and his motorcycle. Well, almost nothing. For Eric Klein it was a combination of many things, from career changes to serving on active duty to starting a family. This is why his Honda Shadow — purchased new in 2002 — could probably still be considered new with less than 8,000 miles.

“I bought this motorcycle the day I decided to retire after the company I was working for went under. I figured I’d have some extra time on my hands, so why not,” Klein says. “Then I’d end up going on active duty in the next week. I went on deployment to a NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo shortly afterwards. It was a busy time back then. I was single and able to do whatever popped up.”

As a captain he led Alpha Company 1/113 Cavalry, as a councilman he leads his community, and as a father he teaches and cares for his children. It only makes sense that he practices good safety every time he goes out for a ride. He’s got the leather boots, riding gloves, protective eyewear for day or night riding and, of course, a helmet.

“I’ve got the eagle on the helmet, you know, symbol of our country; I like the look,” says Klein. “And I’m not a fan of the full-faced helmets. The half helmet has worked out pretty well for me.”

At the time of this writing, Klein’s youngest son, Carson, was celebrating his sixth birthday. Upon seeing his dad showing off the motorcycle, Carson hopped on his child-sized ATV — “It’s a Gator,” Carson quickly points out — and started cruising the driveway.

“Carson is a little small for riding on the motorcycle, but my 11-year-old loves to ride with Dad. He wears my wife’s helmet. She and him both love to ride with me. It was actually just last year he rode with me for the first time,” says Klein.

Klein is hoping to get the bike out of the garage a little bit more this summer. He’s been riding since high school, and he’s not even close to hanging up his leather jacket.

“You know, with the nice weather setting it, we usually like to take the motorcycle out and go to local festivals. Maybe cruise to the downtown farmers market,” Klein says. “You don’t need to go far to have some fun around here.”

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