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Q: How can I prepare for a safe family camping trip?

Posted June 11, 2014 in Advice Column, Norwalk

A: If you are not skilled in the outdoors or have not been camping before, begin your adventures by taking day trips. Even when starting with these day trips, be aware of camping safety issues that you would have to note if you were taking an extended trip. Be cautious of exposure to heat, wind, water and cold, and also be aware of your surroundings to prevent getting lost.

Other things to be aware of on your day trip to prepare for an extended camping trip are bug and insect bites, plants that may cause rashes or allergic reactions and your clothing. When spending time in the woods or outdoors, be sure to dress appropriately.

To protect your family against temperature or weather changes, wear layers of clothing. Tank tops, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters will allow you to reduce or increase clothing as needed. Also be sure to have comfortable hiking shoes to prevent blistering if you are planning on hiking during your trip. Other tips to remember are to tuck pants into socks and boots to protect against ticks, and be sure your kids wear brightly colored clothes to increase visibility.

Before your camping trip begins, go over fire safety with your children. Make sure they know that fire can be dangerous.

Information provided by “Your Growing Child” A Kids Health Guide to Injuries and Illnesses,” submitted by Ronda Montgomery, UnityPoint Clinic.

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