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Q: How can different chiropractic techniques all yield good results?

Posted June 11, 2014 in Advice Column, Norwalk

A: Patients are sometimes curious as to why two chiropractors might use different techniques, sometimes even for the same condition. For this question’s answer, let’s quote by permission from “The Chiropractic Handbook for Patients”:

“Differences in technique occur in all the healing professions because doctors usually have several options for approaching the same problem.

“For example, all surgeons do not always utilize the same technique in every operation. All medical physicians do not prescribe the same medication for a given condition. Nor do all psychologists use identical treatment or counseling techniques.

“Chiropractors, too, have many treatment options. For instance, misaligned vertebras may be corrected in a variety of ways including chiropractic adjustments. Manual manipulations, mechanical mobilization, muscle balancing, applied kinesiology, specific reflex techniques, passive motion therapies, manual and motorized traction, along with many other effective techniques.

“If spinal degeneration is detected in the early stages, the outcome of treatment is much better than waiting till you have daily symptoms and advanced degeneration.”

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