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So you’ve got a new pet. Now what?

Posted May 07, 2014 in Advice Column, Des Moines West

Congratulations! Whether you’ve adopted your new friend from a shelter, spent months choosing a breeder and waiting for the right puppy or kitten, or your addition found you, you’ve got a great journey ahead of you. But what’s the next step?

Step One: Finding a veterinarian. You’ll want to be prepared for anything when it comes to pets, and your most reliable source of information will be a good veterinarian who will answer your questions and be there as a trusted member of your family’s team. Look for a clinic where you both feel comfortable. Are they friendly and welcoming? Do their hours work for your schedule? Review websites and Facebook pages for vets in your area. You have a wealth of options, so don’t hesitate to keep looking until you’ve both found a place that works for you.

Step Two: Make an appointment and bring in your pet. Not only is it essential to pick a great veterinarian, you need to visit him or her. Sure, it’s great to have someone to call when your dog eats a pine cone, but don’t forget it’s important to vaccinate your pets against the diseases we can prevent. A good clinic will take the time to go over things you’ll need to know for the future health of your pet and won’t think twice about answering the questions that come up between visits. And remember, from puppy training to litter box trouble, we’re here to help.

Information provided by Erin Minor, office manager, Ingersoll Animal Hospital, 3009 Ingersoll Ave., 274-3555.

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