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Iowa Business Council Endorses Healthiest State Initiative

Posted May 07, 2014 in Web Exclusives

DES MOINES, IOWA – May 7, 2014.  The Iowa Business Council (IBC) today announced   it has formally endorsed the goals and activities of the Healthiest State Initiative (HSI) – the privately led, publicly endorsed effort launched in 2011 to inspire Iowans to improve their health and happiness and make their state the healthiest in the nation by 2016.

“The Healthiest State Initiative highlights many positive aspects of active Iowans’ lifestyles,” said Larry Zimpleman, the chairman, president, and CEO of Principal Financial Group in Des Moines and 2014 Chair of the Iowa Business Council.  “It also brings to bear challenges related to living longer, happier, healthier lives.  Improving the health and well-being of the workforce leads to greater productivity, less absenteeism, higher retention, better attitude, and lower health care costs.  IBC encourages all Iowa businesses and their employees to get involved with the Healthiest State Initiative.”

The Healthiest State Initiative is working to shine a spotlight on the state’s well-being challenge and to highlight programs and resources that address it. The Initiative also is selectively introducing new efforts, such as the Focus 5 program, that improve well-being. This year’s annual Healthiest State Walk will be Wednesday, October 8. For more information on getting involved with the Healthiest State Initiative, visit the organization’s website at iowahealthieststate.com.

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The Iowa Business Council (IBC) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose members are the top executives of the largest businesses in the state, the three Regent university presidents, and the Iowa Banking Association.  Founded in 1985, the Council’s purpose is to focus the personal commitment of its members in active leadership roles on major initiatives that offer opportunity to enhance Iowa’s economic vitality and improve the lives of Iowans.  Council members identify economic issues, evaluate options, and assist in implementing solutions through collaborative public/private partnerships.  Collectively, IBC companies and institutions impact the livelihoods of one in six Iowans, directly employing a quarter million citizens.  The combined payroll of these entities is in excess of $11 billion, and they have committed billions of dollars in capital investment to the state.  On an annual basis, several hundred million dollars in financial contributions and thousands of volunteer hours are directed to numerous charitable causes around Iowa.  IBC members also lead in technology innovation with billions of dollars spent and grants procured for research and development.  The Business Council focuses its efforts primarily in areas related to advanced technology, continuous process improvement, economic and workforce development, education excellence, health care and wellness, and operations continuity and security.  Its representation reaches statewide.  For more information, please visit the IBC Web site at www.iowabusinesscouncil.org.

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