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On the move

Posted March 27, 2014 in Community Blogs, Bondurant

One look at Bondurant, and it definitely lives up to its tagline, “On the Move.” Bondurant has more than doubled its size in the last ten years, and it shows. Drive around town and you’ll see a ton of new houses in new developments, new schools, a Regional Trailhead, a new fire station, a new grocery store with store fronts, Polk County’s Freedom Rock, and more in this rural bedroom community.

One area Bondurant is experiencing some major growth is the Parks and Recreation Department. Not only do you see the amount of events and activities growing, the amount of parks will be on the rise as well. The Parks and Recreation Board has decided to focus on three neighborhood parks this summer; Wisteria Heights, Lincoln Estates and Renaud Ridge. Each park will be supplied with playground equipment sometime this year from Boland Recreation, a vendor located in Marshalltown. Two of the parks, Wisteria Heights and Lincoln Estates, are located on the southeast side of Highway 65 where there are currently no parks. As funding allows, parks around the City will be updated and installed as our City continues to develop.

For additional information and to view the long-term plans, check out the Park, Trail and Greenway Master Plan on the City’s website under the Parks and Recreation Department page. Bondurant will soon be a well-known City by traveling cyclists when the trails are extended to the east and west of the Chichaqua Valley Trail System. The Parks and Recreation Board also plan to have a new or remodeled park shelter with restrooms at Lake Petocka by the end of 2014 to accommodate Bondurant’s visitors and residents.

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