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Working together as a group

Posted March 26, 2014 in Advice Column, Bondurant

If you want a building to last a lifetime, it has to have a strong foundation. This same principle applies to all areas of life. Some of the most steadfast businesses attribute their success to a strong foundation or culture. A positive culture increases productivity and team moral. Build a quality environment  that is people-oriented and your goals are more easily met.

So, why not have that same culture in a gym? Many fitness facilities in the industry aim to build a community where members can flourish. People are more likely to engage in an environment where they feel safe and valued, and you can find these groups of like-minded people everywhere.

What kind of groups have you been a part of, and how have they helped you succeed? Service members, fraternities and sororities, law enforcement academies, athletic clubs, church groups and networking groups are all examples of people getting things done as a community.

Likewise, group training is a team of people who motivate and keep each other accountable. In regards to her group fitness workouts, Bondurant resident Jamie Baas says, “I am an athlete and grew up playing multiple sports and played through college. This style of training completely reminds me of those days. Because it’s usually the same core group of people, you build relationships with them, which in turn allow everyone to push each other and encourage each other during workouts.”

The group workout mentality has carried over into organized races and events in the community. Gone are the days when exercise was a do-it-yourself occupation. Group mud runs, team marathons and partner obstacle courses are popping up all over the country. Train as a group. Compete as a group. Succeed as a group.

Josh Duden is also a citizen of Bondurant and a state trooper who has been involved in teams his whole life.

“As a law enforcement officer, I am a strong believer in group fitness because it embodies the same principles as my profession,” he says. “You get to work with people who share common goals, can motivate you and are there to encourage you beyond your limits.”

So, the question is — what kind of groups are you a part of right now? Are you having success in your professional, personal and physical life? The trainers at Brick House Fitness have developed a passion for bringing people into a group workout setting and watching the transformations happen. If you sense that you are working below your means, maybe group training is a great place to start improving yourself. Contact us today.

Information provided by Matt Sillanpaa, fitness trainer, Brick House Fitness, 116 Brick St., Bondurant.

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