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Q: How does chiropractic care help with sports injuries?

Posted March 26, 2014 in Advice Column, Waukee

A: As spring approaches, families come out of hibernation and return to the outdoors. Soccer gets underway, track and baseball/softball start to warm up. We also see the emergence of the “weekend warriors” playing recreational sports in their local community. While this is great and exciting, we also see new and old injuries that surface and can greatly affect you or your loved one’s season. Getting regular chiropractic checkups should be a routine that all athletes of all levels should partake in. Research shows that athletes under chiropractic care suffer fewer injuries and, if injured, they will recover quicker

Most physicians will tell you that with a sports injury to use the rest-ice-compression-elevate approach and then rehab. While this approach is necessary and effective, this does not address the alignment issue that occurs with all injuries. Chiropractic care should be included with this approach to maximize and speed up recovery time. Think of a car. If the alignment is off in the car, the tires will wear quicker than they are supposed to, and long term problems will affect other areas of the car. Until you take care of the alignment of the car, it will continue to have problems and not function at 100 percent. The same thing happens in our bodies with extremity injuries.

Answer provided by Dr. Wesley Nyberg, Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic, 710 Alice’s Road, 978-6661.

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