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Fit at 50: If I can do it, you can, too

Posted March 26, 2014 in Advice Column, Waukee

I have always struggled with exercise and my weight, and last year at 48, with the milestone of the big five-oh approaching, I declared that I would be “fit at 50” as a new commitment to myself.

One of the big barriers, and I’ll confess it to you — is that I really don’t like to exercise. I like the way I feel after I exercise, but it’s a bear getting me there. Yet, I knew regular exercise would be key to my success.

Now I have tried various types of gyms over the years, with visions of a ripped physique at the end of three months. If “The Biggest Loser” could transform people in mere weeks, why not me? I know — unrealistic. The reality was at the gym, I felt self-conscious, clumsy and not sure what to do with all the equipment in front of me. Not a recipe for success

So as I approached my new commitment, it was going to be imperative that I find a partner to help me through this — but I didn’t want to spend the money on a personal trainer.

I found my perfect workout partner with Koko FitClub of Waukee. Here’s five ways it worked for me:

• Fit. Figured out. That’s Koko’s tagline, and I say “Right on!” I don’t have to figure out an exercise regime to do — all I have to do is choose my goal and follow the personalized program.

• Time convenience. Thirty minutes, three to five days a week.  That’s all — in and out with either cardio or strength training.

• Bye-bye gym. Koko is more of a workout studio environment — no mirrors, nice surroundings, pleasant staff, 24/7 access. I have teenage children, but I don’t need to work out beside them. I enjoy the more sophisticated atmosphere.

• See and know the results.  You get a personalized website that tracks your activity, measures your progress and trends your results.

• Motivation along the way.  OK, I’ll admit I have a competitive streak, and I do like the inspired short-term challenges to keep me motivated.

Here’s the deal. I know I will be more of my fit self by the time I reach 50 in September. I’m eating better and exercising more often, and sometimes even enjoying it (but I’ll only admit that to you).

Information by Deb St. John, president, leadership coach, Shoshin Group, provided by Tina L Howell, owner/certified FitCoach at Koko FitClub of Waukee, 9350 University Ave., #122, West Des Moines, 515-987-4322.

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