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Design geek

Posted March 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Waukee

When Waukee resident Jessica Harris decided it was time to find a headboard, she also decided she wasn’t going to pay thousands of dollars. She started researching creative, lower-cost alternatives.

“I am a design geek and am always reading and scouting design magazines, websites and books for inspiration,” she says.

Jessica Harris repurposed an old wooden door into a stylish headboard.

Jessica Harris repurposed an old wooden door into a stylish headboard.

She came across a few examples she liked. Harris figured she could duplicate the look if she found the right door to convert into a headboard. She visited the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found a solid wood seven-panel door for $50.

Harris also called on her dad, Darrell Schultz, for assistance.  According to Harris, when she comes up with a new idea she says to him, “We’ve never done it before, but I know we can figure it out.”

Setting up shop in her garage, Harris and her dad began sawing, sanding and painting. To give the door a headboard feel, Harris purchased a 4 x 4, which they cut down to serve as the side posts. Then they hollowed out each side post to allow the door to fit securely in place. She completed the look with two fence post finials.

The headboard has since moved from its home in the garage to a permanent spot in Harris’ master bedroom. It completes the coastal cottage look she wanted.  Although she could have saved time by purchasing a new door, according to Harris, “…I thought it would be great to refurbish an old door rather than buy new.”

Working on projects like this also helped Harris take on an even bigger venture — that of business owner.

“I think of my home as my idea workshop,” she says. Now a self-employed interior designer, Harris helps others find creative potential in their own spaces.

Her advice to those who want to take on large projects is to do their homework first and educate their expectations.

“When I am preparing a home project, I spend a considerable amount of time planning and researching the steps we will need to take to bring the vision to life… I always anticipate a project will take longer and require more hard work than I originally think.”  According to Harris, this approach helps ensure projects are successful.

Judging by the outcome of Harris’ project, devoting the right time and energy to a creative vision is well worth the effort.

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