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Meet Mindi McCoy

Posted March 19, 2014 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Mindi McCoy is the art instructor at Perkins Academy.

Mindi McCoy is the art instructor at Perkins Academy.

As energetic and exciting an art exhibit is, the same is true with Mindi McCoy’s passion and fever for teaching elementary art.

It’s McCoy’s second year teaching art at Perkins Academy. There are many things and people she likes about her career here.

“This is the best school I’ve ever taught at,” she says.

The administration is supportive, the teachers are wonderful and they work well together, and the parent involvement is incredible, she continues.

Her students aren’t too bad, either. She happily continues speaking about how elementary students don’t have fear of art, and they aren’t afraid of being judged of their individual art pieces.

“I have students in my classes that are taking private art classes,” she says. “They really do love art!”

The art room they get to spend time in is full of color, light, space and imagination. The art tables were painted by a past art teacher who used patterns and repetitions of the right colors that make them zany and fun. Every table top is the same, providing unity.

Each wall has some form of children’s art, art history or school art project hanging on it. They study an artist of the month — March is Monet. They are working on painting ceiling tiles for the cafeteria — a gift from the fifth graders.

McCoy is currently working with the Des Moines Art Festival committee. She is privileged to choose and enter four students’ art work for this year’s festival June 27 – 29.

Throughout the year McCoy also focuses on her student’s character — sharing, cooperating and treating things with respect. She also spends time listening to their ideas and providing avenues for her students to accomplish them.

When not being excited about children’s art, art history or art festivals, McCoy uses her newly-purchased home as her own open canvas as she fills it with updated plumbing, new dry wall and fresh paint. You can also find her day dreaming of the smell of spring’s top soil and water mix.

McCoy grew up on a farm in Council Bluffs.

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