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Meant to be

Posted March 19, 2014 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
Dan and Deb Austin and their two dogs make their home in this 1962 Colby brick house.

Dan and Deb Austin and their two dogs make their home in this 1962 Colby brick house.

Sometimes in life it’s nice to have something find you. Perhaps then you really know it is meant to be. Such is the case for Dan and Deb Austin, once of Des Moines, now 12-year homeowners in Windsor Heights.

“This house just found us,” Deb says. “It had everything we were looking for in a new home. And we still love it here.”

The couple loves that it’s a three-level split home with attached garage in the perfect Windsor Heights location.

“It’s close to everything, and I love the 25 mile speed limit,” Dan says. “This is the best small town in Iowa.”

Happy to be the second owners, Dan and Deb agreed to buy this house and work on it together. It’s a custom-built Colby brick constructed in 1962. The first owners were a doctor and his wife who had pet monkeys that used to climb in the front trees. Comfortable circumstances would also allow them to have their own home decorator. So when the Austins moved in, the peach shag carpet, brown paneling and walls papered with color moved out.

Lots of hard work and years later, one would never guess this home dazzled with ’60s décor. The current latte and rust painted walls, rich black kitchen cupboards, white counter tops and hardwood floors give it an upbeat, comfortable feel with a vibe that’s more 21st century.

And when all the work has been done by you and your spouse, the compensation of beauty and overwhelming sense of gratification is so much more rewarding.

002Interestingly enough, this small area of homes was once going to be developed as Lions Park’s own, complete with pool and club house. Once interest from locals dissipated, single family homes started being built.

“We are a welcoming home,” Deb says. “We always have cars in our driveway.”

When not visiting with guests in their own home, Dan and Deb are partaking in the neighborhood festivities including annual block parties that actually block off the street to grill meat, share side dishes, sidewalk chalk and scavenger hunts. Come winter, the neighborhood gatherings move inside various homes for a warmer come-and-go potluck.

It really was meant to be for the Austins. They fit into their home and their neighborhood perfectly.

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