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Posted March 12, 2014 in Community Featured, Norwalk

I was speaking with a couple of people recently about Norwalk. One observant noticed that in Norwalk, there seems to be a true loyalty to the Norwalk Community School system but not so much for the local business community. The observant also noticed that businesses within Norwalk don’t seem to have much loyalty to other businesses/organizations here. I wondered why is that?

If you google the word loyalty for a definition, you come up with synonyms such as faithfulness, devotion, feeling of duty and allegiance. These certainly describe Norwalk residents when it comes to their school, their kids, their church and their town as a whole. What about the businesses that are here? If our business community does not receive this loyalty from its local consumers, it will make it more difficult for them to operate here, donate to the many causes we have here in Norwalk and to employ some of the residents who live here.

So many Norwalk residents wish they had this type or that type of business here, but when potential businesses ask current businesses to “describe the loyalty of the Norwalk residents to your business,” what do you think some of their answers might be?

This idea is so important that the Greater Des Moines Partnership has revised its Buy Local Campaign and is now calling it Look Local First!

Each year businesses and local governments in Greater Des Moines spend more than $13.4 billion with out-of-area suppliers. Shifting just 5 percent of a business’ spending to area vendors could generate an economic impact of more than $1 billion for Greater Des Moines. According to Dave Swenson, associate scientist, department of economics at Iowa State University, Warren County’s would be $17.28 million.

Can you imagine what kind of impact you could have if you shifted some of the money you spend at out-of-area businesses to spend it at a business where you could get similar products and/or services here in Norwalk? Can you imagine what they, in  turn, could do for your school, kids, churches and other organizations to make Norwalk even more noticeable?  Think about it!

Remember to Shop Local, Shop Norwalk!

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