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Growing healthy children

Posted March 12, 2014 in Advice Column, Clive

We hear it all the time, “So-and-so ‘caught’ what’s going around.  Everyone is getting it.” What is “it,”and why are some kids getting it and not others?

We know that sickness comes in different patterns for each child. For example, your 2-year-old may only get sick once during the year, while your 3-year-old may get sick a couple times each month. Both children ride in the same cars, play and sleep under the same roof and more than likely attend the same daycare or school. So, what’s the difference?

The answer is their immune system. The immune system effectively fights disease, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites when functioning at 100 percent. Children are continuously exposed to these pathogens as well as numerous germs. This exposure to germs is not necessarily unfavorable. It can actually strengthen a child’s immune system.

The key is making sure your child’s immune system functions at 100 percent. Your child’s brain and nervous system are responsible for all healing. All nerves that supply vital organs and healing processes run through the bones in the spine. Picture a garden hose in your mind. Can you see the water gush out when it’s turned on? Now, imagine applying pressure, or a kink, to the hose. You can see that the water flow is diminished.  Imagine the hose as your spine. Even the smallest “kink” can lead to irritation of the nervous system, altering the ability of the nerves to supply the body with vital communication for function and healing. This inhibits your child’s ability to ward off disease and lengthens recovery time.

So what can be done to increase the health and well-being of today’s modern child? The obvious things are making sure they are eating a proper and nutritious diet. The less obvious is making sure their spine and nervous system have been evaluated by a chiropractor. A majority of “kinks” in the spine are present at birth and can set the stage for future health.

Chiropractic adjustments for children are safe and effective. In fact, it is the most non-invasive checkup your family will experience. We explain spinal areas of concern and adjust accordingly to boost your child’s healing process.  Adjustments can also aid in relief from ear infections, colic, digestive issues, acid reflux, acute and chronic illness. More importantly, chiropractic helps grow healthy children.

Information provided by Dr. Nicole Stessman, KoKo Fitness, 14225 University Ave, #118 Waukee, 515-225-2266

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