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Is this heaven?

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Pleasant Hill
Dan Kline saved $400 by changing his own water pump.

Dan Kline saved $400 by changing his own water pump.

The orange glow of the space heater radiates warmth in Dan Kline’s Pleasant Hill garage. It’s negative-something outside, but in here, Kline thinks it feels like heaven.

Testosterone is in short supply in the Kline household, which consists of Dan, his wife, three daughters, a female dog and three female gerbils.  But in the garage, there’s a much different story.

It’s a veritable man-land inside Kline’s garage. Deer antlers and turkey plumes hang from the walls.  There’s a crossbow and pans for changing oil. This is where he entertains friends, cleans his guns and skins the deer he shoots with his bow and arrow. Or he might be sharpening his chainsaw blade or getting ready to go ice fishing.

One might say it’s his home at home. It’s where he does all the things that don’t have a place inside the house anymore.

The former skydiving instructor (he’s made more than 1,600 jumps) says now he gets a rush from doing fix-it projects himself and saving the family money. Just last weekend, Kline changed out the water pump on his truck.

“It took me all day, but it saved a lot of money ($400),” he says. “That’s money I can spend on my daughters.”

As much as Kline likes hanging out in the garage, he loves being outdoors, too.

“I enjoy the challenge (of hunting). I’m not much of a trophy hunter,” he says. Be that as it may, he did have a 31-pound turkey stuffed, but it’s not in the garage. Kline’s a teacher, so it’s sitting in his classroom for his students to marvel at.

Kline has a freezer and an extra refrigerator to store his surplus meat from hunting, and he’s quick to share not only the delicious deer jerky, but also the recipe he used.

There is one lone touch of his wife and daughters that has made its way into Kline’s garage.  There’s a pink lamp from his daughter’s room that’s waiting to be fixed on his tool bench. But Kline says that’s OK because something from his garage has made it inside the house. Last year, he took his 9-year-old daughter hunting, and she bagged her very own deer.

“The antlers are mounted next to her bed,” The proud father says smiling. Heaven isn’t just reserved for the garage.

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