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For the kids

Posted February 26, 2014 in Altoona, Community Featured
Joyce and Michael Carico moved to Altoona for many reasons, but mostly because it was a good place to raise their family.

Joyce and Michael Carico moved to Altoona for many reasons, but mostly because it was a good place to raise their family.

It was an easy decision in 1997 for Michael and Joyce Carico to make the move to Altoona. Their reasons were many, but the main one was for their two kids.

This home was one of the first to be completed on Sandalwood Court S.W. As years moved on, their once cornfield backyard would soon disappear as more homes were built. The change was welcomed, as the walking trail was also added which took them to the Altoona aquatic park in minutes.

Coming from Des Moines, the couple saw the many advantages of moving to Altoona. The school district, friendly neighbors, peaceful living, comfortable home and safe cul-de-sac lifestyle were important items the list.

“At times we’d be looking for our son and find him outside our front door playing street hockey in the cul-de-sac with the neighbor kids,” says Joyce. “We’d be like, ‘Oh, we found him — he’s OK.’ ”

Now that both kids are graduated and out of the house, Michael and Joyce still love their home. They like the space they have. After all these years, they still enjoy the walking trail right in their backyard. They like being the house of all holidays where up to 25 family members gather. After years of all this, they still like everything about their home.

Just finished with their Super Bowl party and now planning their Easter dinner, they are experts at entertaining.

001“We have enough room for everyone and all the food,” said Joyce. “It’s really fun here.”

With new granite counter tops, appliances and carpet, their home has a clean-cut, modern feel to it. The high kitchen table is a center piece as you walk in with modern art pieces and fun family photos hanging on the walls.

The backyard is spacious with more beautiful homes in sight. The windows on the west side of their home provide wonderful natural light that highlights the leather couch and more family photos in the living room.

Still one of the original homeowners on the block who purchased their home new, this couple plans on sticking around.

“Now that the kids are gone we’ve been traveling and having fun,” says Joyce. “But it’s always nice to come home.”

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