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1972 Monte Carlo

Posted February 26, 2014 in Community Featured, Bondurant
Erv Sanny’s 1972 Monte Carlo is the gem of his collection.

Erv Sanny’s 1972 Monte Carlo is the gem of his collection.

Erv Sanny’s four-stall garage on his 80-acre farm in north Bondurant is the comfortable place to host meetings and store cars in the winter. The grandfather has a set of rules posted at the entrance, reminders to rambunctious children to play nice around his cars. Sanny’s garage is equipped with a lounge and holds four vehicles, the gem being his 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo.

Sanny unveils a Monte Carlo in incredible shape. The paint job is original without a chip, colored mustard gold. The chrome sparkles, and windows are spotless. No power windows or locks, but Sanny does enjoy power steering, which was introduced to the Monte Carlo line in 1972. The car is a survivor, with low mileage to boot. Two owners put a combined 34,000 miles on the Chevy.

Sanny says the exterior was so dirty at first sight he hardly recognized the vehicle, even as a car aficionado. The original owner stored the car under a cover in his garage for decades. Sanny says he washed and waxed it, but that’s all it took to make the car beautiful. There’s not one crack in the vinyl hardtop, 42 years after production.

Occupying the other three stalls in Sanny’s garage are two four-wheelers and his get-around truck. The garage space is well put to use. His wife also hosts 4-H club youth meetings in the lounge, hence the helpful reminders to be courteous around the classic car.

Sanny was compelled to buy the Monte Carlo after reading an ad in Farm News, a publication generally reserved for farm equipment. He has been attracted to the Monte Carlo since owning the 1970 model brand new,

“That was back when I saw single,” he says.

Sanny has been a resident of Bondurant since 1978. The semi-retired home builder is approaching his 73rd birthday and still farms. He loves the early the 1970s era Monte Carlos because you can tell them apart by distinctive features, unlike cookie cutter models of today. Sanny is involved with his car and looks forward to taking his beauty to Des Moines when open car shows come to town. Not one to talk mechanics or show off, Sanny says he’s a gawker at car shows.

“I go because I like looking at other cars actually,” he says.

Before I depart, he fires up the engine, filling the garage with sounds of his Monte Carlo roaring to life. Sanny reminds one of a new father showing off his infant, except he can’t play until winter breaks. For now, the Monte Carlo remains babied in Sanny’s Bondurant garage.

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