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A sweet ride

Posted February 19, 2014 in Ankeny, Community Featured
Janene and Larry Anderson were dating when Larry got the yellow Corvette Roadster from his brother, Bob.

Janene and Larry Anderson were dating when Larry got the yellow Corvette Roadster from his brother, Bob.

On any given day between April and November, you might find Larry and Janene Anderson cruising the road in their 1968 Corvette Roadster.

Larry’s owned this beauty for 46 years, but it originally belonged to his brother, Bob. Larry joined his brother when Bob picked up his newly-ordered Corvette from Bob Brown Chevrolet in 1968.  Mr. Brown offered to flip a coin to shave $50 off the price of the car.  Bob won the toss and paid $4,100 for his shiny, new convertible.

The next year, Bob married his girlfriend and started a family.  Since a little Corvette wasn’t the most practical car for a growing family, Larry and Bob traded cars. Bob walked away as the new owner of a Ford Torino, and Larry drove away with the sweet yellow Corvette.

“We probably dated for six months before I even knew he owned it,” Janene states. “One night he just showed up in the Corvette.” She smiles and continues, “I don’t know if he thought I’d just like him for his Corvette or what.”

The couple enjoys featuring the car in area parades and caravanning to car shows with the Cyclone Corvette Club. Strangers often stop to “ooh” and “aah” over the classic car. Some admirers want to buy the pretty Corvette, but Larry’s not in the market to sell.

010Other than replacing the convertible top, the car boasts all original parts. In 1988, they repainted the car the same shade of yellow. With only 39,000 miles on the odometer, the car gets excellent gas mileage, but it doesn’t have power steering or air conditioning.

Janene, an agent with Coldwell Banker, often hosts open houses on Sunday afternoons. She parks the Corvette in the driveway, and it’s become her calling card. “People stop to admire the car and the house,” Janene states.

The couple also own a 2000 Roadster Corvette C5 Convertible. When asked if they plan to collect any additional cars, Larry replies, “I don’t know.” He thinks a moment before adding, “I wish I was Jay Leno. His collection is valued at millions of dollars.”

Larry and Janene are happy that their 1968 Corvette is now valued for much more than its original sticker price. Larry’s brother, probably not as much.

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